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RCR Home & table

One of our bestsellers is the Italian brand RCR home & table. This collection is functional, practical and very trendy. The products are ideal for daily use. The glass does not contain lead which gives it the brightness and strength of a crystal glass. Things for Drinks offers an extensive collection.

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Is a G&T as far as your cocktail skills go? Are you unfamiliar with julep strainers, bitter bottles & mixing glasses? Want to impress your flatmates, friends or your family? 

If you think yes to any or all of these questions contact us. We offer various cocktailworkshops for 5 up to 12 people. 


Libbey glassware

Libbey; The glassware from the USA. Maybe you noticed it in several movies and series. In America this glass is a real show stopper. Robust wonderful, solid glassware and not totally unimportant, almost unbreakable. The "vintage inspired" models are based on antique glasses from the 19th century. How cool is that!

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